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 Installation tips:

  1. To install your house number tile, you need: tile adhesive and painters masking tape,
    both available in any hardware store.
  2. Make sure the surface is clean, or wipe with a wet cloth.
  3. Lay your number tiles on a table and measure the size.
  4. Draw a mark on the wall where the number will be placed.
  5. Get the tiles one by one and cover 90% of the back with tile adhesive and press it onto the wall,
    remember to leave edges clean, adhesive will spread.
  6. Repeat step 5 for each tile you have.
  7. Now clean any extra adhesive from the corners of the number tiles.
  8. Place the masking tape to hold the tiles in place until the adhesive dries.
    (time recommended 24 hrs)
  9. One last recommendation is to use as much as masking tape you need to avoid that tiles slide down
    and dry in the wrong position.

 Safety tips :

  • By law, house numbers should be clearly displayed on the property.
    Take a walk to the front of your property and evaluate your own situation.

  • Use numbers at least 4 inches tall so they can be seen easily from the street,
    there is not point in putting up a beautiful tile number if you can't read them.
  • Where possible align numbers horizontally, not vertically.
    aligning numbers vertically reduces their legibility.
  • Illuminate numbers if possible they can be easily seen at night,
    (in some countries Police & Fire brigades strongly recommends lighting numbers).
  • Install it near the front door, usually is what people are looking for, house numbers aren' t for you,
    they're for the people trying to find you. e.g. Emergency Services, Australia Post, Taxis, Couriers, Friends
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